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Home / News / Mi-Plan wins SA’s Top Manager 2019 Raging Bull Award

Mi-Plan wins SA’s Top Manager 2019 Raging Bull Award

South African Manager of the Year


as well as

Best Global Multi-Asset Flexible Fund  on a 5 year risk adjusted basis (SA – Domiciled) 


Best Global Multi-Asset Flexible Fund  on a 3 year straight return basis (SA – Domiciled)

Mi-Plan IP Global Macro Fund

We are delighted to have been awarded South Africa’s Manager of the Year Award. The award is given to the fund management company that achieves top risk adjusted performance right across its range of unit trust funds. The performances are determined by the Plexcrown Fund Ratings system, over a five year period.

The award acknowledges long term, consistent performance across a wide range of investment options, within one company.

Mi-Plan placed in the top 3 Managers in the 2018 Raging Bull awards as well, highlighting the consistency of delivery of top, risk adjusted performance from our asset managers.

Mi-Plan’s philosophy to critically evaluate, identify and appoint asset managers who are best in their class underpins our ability to achieve industry beating risk adjusted returns for our clients.
We therefore acknowledge and share this award with Tony Bell, Rowan Williams-Short from Vunani Fund Managers and Guy Monson from Sarasin and Partners, as well as the skilled teams who back them up. Tony also netted the coveted Raging Bull award for the MiPlan IP Global Macro Fund in the individual fund awards, in the SA domiciled Global Multi-Asset Flexible category for risk adjusted performance over five years and was recognised as Best Performer based on straight performance over three years.
In a market dominated by hype, where investors and their advisers are often influenced by extensive advertising and marketing campaigns, we would like to thank our loyal supporters for showing their confidence by investing in Mi-Plan. In doing so you have gone against the market trend – by choosing a lesser known brand and basing your investment decisions on the critical evaluation of your investment options and fund manager – and not on populism and promotion.
Martin Hesse, content editor of Personal Finance, who hosted the awards, said: “Heartiest congratulations to Mi-Plan in a tough investment environment. It’s good to see the better-known, established industry players being challenged by smaller, younger companies. The competition is beneficial for investors, keeping costs in check and preventing anyone from resting on their laurels.”
MiPlan IP Global Macro received two awards in 2019, with the honor of receiving an award for the 4th year in a row.

Our funds were also nominated in the following categories for the period ended 31 December 2019 :

Global IP Opportunity Fund: Best Global Multi-asset Flexible Fund (SA-domiciled) over 3 years
MiPlan IP Enhanced Income Fund: Best South African Multi-asset Income Fund over 3 years
MiPlan IP Enhanced Income Fund: Best South African Multi-asset Income Fund over 5 years on a risk adjusted basis
IP Management Company (RF) Pty Ltd is the Manager of the Collective Investment Scheme. The full details and basis of the awards and nominations are available from the manager.The reader acknowledges that all disclosures are available at