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About MiPlan – Your Partner in Critical Thinking

MiPlan exists to create and preserve wealth through the application of critical thinking.

Established in 2006, we assist our clients to manage their money to achieve their desired outcomes through understanding their future income objectives and then creating and managing the wealth required to meet those plans.

Our focus is to become a partner in critical thinking to achieve and preserve your wealth to meet your goals.

Our best-in-class fund managers understand the critical importance of asset allocation in order to build and preserve wealth, and by appointing different managers to manage different components of a portfolio, we position ourselves to reap maximum gain from advantages in asset classes, economic cycles, geography and time horizons. While changes in the macro-environment impacts the relative risks in asset classes, these provide us with the opportunities to make tactical asset allocations to minimise risk and maximize return.

Our stable team of managers have an eight-year track record of achieving inflation-beating targets while minimising shortfall risks.

Each of our funds is a “single manager fund”, which allows each manager’s style and skill to come to the fore, and as our managers are not constrained by consensus or a house view, they act with conviction to take focussed positions, even when this puts them at odds with the herd.

We are not subject to a value or growth bias, and our flexibility and nimbleness allows us to quickly take advantage of opportunities or to manage risk when necessary.

The MiPlan product mix represents our philosophy of both multi-asset investing and our skill at matching asset classes across local and foreign opportunities. We are extremely conscious of the impact of costs on returns and, consequently, charge some of the lowest fees in the industry.